Rear side of positioning system

For clarity, I show the rear side of the positioning system here. The optical mount positioned on the y linear motor. The mass of the optical mount is less than 500g and the centre-of-mass is about 20mm away from the motor.


xy and yaw positioning of the sample

This is the concept we consider to position the diamond in the vacuum chamber. Two piezo motors position the sample in x and y (Right-Left and Up-Down). For the angle, actuators on the 1'' optical mounts are used.



At 12:34, the 5th day of the week on the 6/7, Alvin made our lives complete. Emma and me are infinitely happy. Now a week has passed, and Alvin treats us with tenderness so far.

Newborn Alvin


Chamber with Livermore Inset

The experiment "Livermore Inset" which has been used in November, and will be used again in March, has now been mounted in the chamber. The vacuum is spectacular without the inset (7x10-10mbar without baking), and 10-7 mbar with the inset. The experiment is centered in the left-hand CF360 double-cross. On the pic: Mike Bogan, Sebastien Boutet, and Urs Rohner from Livermore.